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The majority of the registers remain in the custody of the incumbents of the various parishes but there is an arrangement for the deposit of the original registers in the National Library for preservation and repair, and the provision by the Library of photocopies to be kept in the appropriate parishes.Another source used in this study was the replies to the questionnaire relating to parochial records sent to parishes by the Library in the period 1933-1940. This is more than a third of the total number of ancient parishes in Wales. Over four hundred ancient parishes are represented in these two groups.Cardigan, in 1733 Note that Hence-forward we are Oblig'd by Act of Parliament, to keep our Register Book in English.English was the official language of the law courts during the period 1651-60 15 also and English is commonly used in the parish registers especially after the 1653 Act 16 relating to parish registers.

Davids there is now no register dating before 1754.

Volume XIX/4 Extracted onto the pages of GENUKI with the kind permission of the National Library of Wales This is a complete extract of this article (Gareth Hicks May 2003) THIS article is based on a study of the original parish registers deposited in the National Library of Wales and the photocopies of other registers which are available in the Library.

Since the registers are derived from all parts of Wales, they are sufficiently representative to form the basis for a general study.

Over half of these early registers belong to parishes in the diocese of St. Very few early registers have survived in the diocese of St. Davids no registers before the printed form registers introduced in 1813 have survived and in many other parishes the printed form marriage register introduced in 1754 is the earliest surviving register.

Davids and the diocese of Swansea and Brecon (which was part of the diocese of St. The registers of nearly all the parishes in the diocese of St.

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