Updating website seo checker

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Updating website seo checker

By thinking of the editor as a tool to let you write rich posts and create beautiful layouts, we can transform Word Press into something users Word Press, as opposed something they pick it because it’s what everyone else uses.

Gutenberg looks at the editor as more than a content field, revisiting a layout that has been largely unchanged for almost a decade.

Gutenberg is a big change, and there will be ways to ensure that existing functionality (like shortcodes and meta-boxes) continue to work while allowing developers the time and paths to transition effectively.

Please consider going back to your users, getting systematic input about how Word Press should best move forward, and starting the project over.They embrace the breadth of functionality Word Press is capable of, with the clarity of a consistent user experience.Imagine a custom “employee” block that a client can drag to an About page to automatically display a picture, name, and bio.We are continuously exploring how highly-tailored metaboxes can be accommodated, and are looking at solutions ranging from a plugin to disable Gutenberg to automatically detecting whether to load Gutenberg or not.While we want to make sure the new editing experience from writing to publishing is user-friendly, we’re committed to finding a good solution for highly-tailored existing sites. The first, aimed for inclusion in Word Press 5.0, focuses on the post editing experience and the implementation of blocks.

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This allows us to holistically design a modern editing experience and build a foundation for things to come.