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Many Japanese Christians went underground to continue to practice Christianity, and they became known as the Kakure Kirishitan (“Hidden Christian” in Japanese).

The Japanese Christians who kept the faith sung their chants by re-arranging original melodies.

DIES FESTUS, the third movement, is based on the transformed melody of the folksong“Nagasaki Bura-Bura Bushi”.Key words: the social climate, classroom, the secondary schools, pupils, teacher, forming and modification of the social climate.Source text - English Yasuhide Ito (1960- ) "Gloriosa(Gururiyoza)" Symphonic Poem for Orchestra During the Edo period in Japan (1603– 1868), Christianity was banned by the ruling authority of the Tokugawa shogunate.Alergological history: negative Blood transfusion history: negative Medication history: without permanent medication Beverages: volume: seldom, coffee: volume: 0 Smoking: Drugs: 0 Status praesens generalis (Present condition) Lucid awareness, cooperates, active position, normal walking, cardiopulmonary compensated Status praesens localis Limbs: Right wrist without swelling, without heamatoma, palpation pain in the sinews EPH and APL, Finkelstein Processus styloideus not painful on palpation, firm bend of wrist painful in extreme positions of ulnar duction, otherwise sinews calm, the periphery without NC disorder.Other examinations: RTG of a wright wrist, without any distinctive post-traumatic changes to the sceleton, brightening on proc styloideus radii Diagnostic conclusion: M. Styloides radii M65 4 Styloradial tenosynovitis [de Quervain] Recommendations- suggested and planned examinations. Instructions and informed consent in compliance with the Law 576/2004 of Journal of Laws By my signature I confirm that I was sufficiently informed about the purpose, aim, nature, methods and procedures possible in performing the health care, about all options of procedures upon your advice, as well as all the relevant conditions of this surgery, or clinics, and also about my duty to deliver the medical report to my general practitioner.

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Empirická časť tvorí piatu kapitolu bakalárskej práce a prezentuje výskum, ktorý bol realizovaný na dvoch stredných školách s cieľom komparácie sociálnej klímy tried tretích ročníkov. Presented Bachelor Thesis is focused on subjects of the school and classroom climates in the environment of secondary schools, possibilities of their establishment, forming and subsequent modification.

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