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'We've got much better at identifying the condition in young people, and often it's the case that a child will be diagnosed and then the family will recognise the traits in the father, too.'Asperger's can make navigating two people's needs in a relationship difficult.If women don't understand why their husbands appear unfeeling, it can be hurtful.Sam says: 'He is very precise and pedantic - if you ask him how he is, he will tell you in great detail.Or if you ask him how something works, he will give you so much information and talk for such a long time it can be baffling. I also had a speech problem in that I spoke much too fast, and I was diagnosed with dyslexia.“After the girls were asleep I went to the shop to get a bottle of wine for myself,” she said.“When I got back I went and sat in the bathroom - rather than turn the bedroom light on while the girls were sleeping - and talked to some friends on Facebook.A mother-of-two has shared images of the horrific injuries she sustained when she was beaten up by her bare-knuckle boxer boyfriend as her daughters slept in the next room.Sarah Wheatley was left with severe bruising and a broken nose after Russell Mason knocked her unconscious at a Birmingham hotel last month.

It is named after Clare Wood, who was murdered in Manchester eight years ago by a partner she was unaware had a criminal record for domestic abuse.

When I came around he was asleep so I went to get help from hotel staff.

I hardly even remember making it downstairs.” Mason from Coventry was arrested by police while Ms Wheatley was taken to hospital.

For more information on the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme, head here.

Samantha Puleston always felt her husband Andy lived in his own world.

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But I know he wasn't being like that on purpose - it's simply how he is.'To many women, Samantha's frustration at her husband's insensitivity will sound all too familiar.

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