Sarah beanie dating

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Sarah beanie dating

'It's my life and I'll do what I wanna do.''I do what I wanna do - but I don't upset other people doing it,' replies Jemma.'I don't upset others doing it,' protests Chad.'I've just told you you have!

' Cries Jemma.'Well maybe they shouldn't get so upset over it. Chad and Sarah's relationship has gone through a series of highs and lows during its three-day stint.

Despite initially vowing she would let things cool off with Chad so she could break things off with her mystery man, her relationship with her co-star continued to go from (shaky) strength to strength.They tweeted: 'So Sarah and Chad pull the blanket over their heads to kiss but it's suddenly moved so you can see her feel him up? 'Lol Sarah how you surprise me more&more each episode... You're on TV you filthy mare.'To be fair I've seen a lot worse on #CBB but I'm just disappointed in Sarah. So desperate.'If last night doesn't prove that Sarah Harding is just constantly playing up to the cameras then nothing will!She knows the cameras will catch her so why do something like that so openly? ' Despite enduring a blazing row on Saturday night, Chad and Sarah's romance had appeared to go from strength to strength during Sunday's episode.They said: 'Sarah's had disappeared under the covers and Chad's boxers came off.'Viewers can draw their own conclusions about what happens but it's pretty clear.' Mail Online have contacted a representative for Sarah. Things first began to hot up on the episode when the pair were getting ready for bed, with Sarah wrapped in a towel.

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