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The only thing I would've liked is footsteps, but the gameplay is still very good as it is.

Amazing architecture and style, it's among the best I've seen in Quake. The flavor text was really cool too, with some nice little hints and a cool backstory.

If there any problems or things you think should be different, please let me know.

Download Link V1.1 (16.6mb) Web Page Readme v1.1 Moddb Recommended Engines: Fitz0.85 Mark V Screenshots (1024x768) Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Video's on youtube Stealth Combat Stealth Mechanics I didn't expect this!

Every map has a bot style node network setup, loads of map models, particles everywhere and extremely high vis counts for old engines, this is a modern quake engine love affair only!

I'm not a stealth player at all, but my problem was simpler - basically, I couldn't figure out how to open the vault.

Even the thing of not waking the fiend and drowning it near the start confused me - what activated the pit's buttons?

I spent three hours on it and didn't see the time fly.

Really awesome cloak & dagger gameplay with great levels and cool situations that make you think. Stealth games are my favorite genre and it's easy to make a lot of gameplay or level design mistakes, however it works wonders here and the demo is very solid.

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The castles feel very run-down and at the same time really impressive and somehow alive, with some mysterious aura surrounding them. I couldn't resist knocking on every door in the second map. I'm going to record demos this evening, but be warned; I take my time in stealth games, so they could be pretty long.