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For years now, Tom Engelhardt's Tomdispatch has been that for me. Now he presents a series of brilliant interviews he has done for the site, and they, taken as a whole, themselves form a searching chronicle of our time.--Jonathan Schell Click to read about this book, author interview, reviews and blurbs, excerpt or to buy.

Book options A satisfyingly virulent, comical, absurd, deeply grieving true portrait of how things work today in the sleek factories of conglomerate book producers... occupation is fueling civil war in Iraq and beyond, and how U. officials dismantled the Iraqi state and economy, helping to destroy rather than rebuild the country.

Think of this in Trumpian terms as the global deregulation of American firearms which could, in turn, according to critics, put such weaponry ever more easily in the hands of both criminal gangs and extremist groups.

If this happens, we’ll truly be in an open carry, NRA world, and Donald Trump will have fulfilled a campaign promise made at that organization's annual meeting last year.

Tom Engelhardt, with a burning clarity, recounts the end of this fantasy, from the split atom to Vietnam.

It begins at our dawn's early light and ends with the twilight's last gleaming.

Tell that to the Afghans, the Iraqis, the Syrians, the Yemenis, the Somalis, or for that matter the parents of the four American Green Berets who died in Niger last October.It is as powerful as a Joe Louis jab to the solar plexus.--Studs Terkel Book options At a time when the mainstream media leave out half of what the public needs to know, while at the same time purveying oceans of official nonsense, the public needs an alternative source of news.Book options In 2008, when the US National Intelligence Council issued its latest report meant for the administration of newly elected President Barack Obama, it predicted that the planet's "sole superpower" would suffer a modest decline and a soft landing fifteen years hence.In his new book The United States of Fear, Tom Engelhardt makes clear that Americans should don their crash helmets and buckle their seat belts...

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So here it is: the Trump administration, knowing a good thing when it sees it, is now hard at work ensuring that American weapons makers will make it a remarkably similar world. arms makers like Lockheed, Raytheon, and General Dynamics already monopolize the global arms market in a way that should (but in this country regularly doesn’t) stagger the imagination. Weaponry from other countries, year after year in this century, came in a distant second, third, or fourth. Administration officials supposedly plan to cut down on oversight for such sales by making the Commerce Department, not the State Department, responsible for them, while streamlining small arms export controls, a process the Obama administration began.