Dating my former therapist

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Dating my former therapist

This way of thinking is intended to be protective of clients and can help prevent various kinds of abuses, up to and including taking advantage of clients sexually.

Many, if not most, will tell you “once a client, always a client.” Some might go so far as to say that treatment doesn’t actually end after you stop seeing the client, but continues perhaps indefinitely.

Ask your colleagues and co-workers, and see what they say.

In a committed relationship, you can break up and go separate ways. However, does your client ever stop being your client, no matter how much time has elapsed since the end of treatment?

In small rural communities, this situation would be more acute, but the principle would be the same in big cities, too.

Imagine these scenarios: You are interested in politics in your community and decide to run for school board. Ten, fifteen, or more years later, that patient becomes a prominent, top in their field, attorney, surgeon, or other highly specialized professional.

Dr Pates said he was now divorced from his wife and has re-married.

"I now live in a tiny mining village in the South Wales valleys due to economic circumstance." He said he understood Miss Dungey, who is in her late 50s, had incurred considerable legal costs.Of course, of all the dual or sequential relationships that are potentially possible with patients and former patients, when the issue of sex comes up, most all therapists of all disciplines react forcefully.Having sex with a current patient or even a recently discharged patient is not only unethical—it is illegal.The court heard that in his witness statement Dr Pates had described Miss Dungey, a former farm worker who had lived in Gloucestershire at the time of the affair, as having a "voracious sexual appetite" and being "possessive and scary".Miss Dungey's counsel, Robert Sherman, said she had developed further psychological problems after the affair and that the doctor should have spotted them.

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Miss Dungey claimed Dr Pates took advantage of her vulnerability when he began an affair with her in 2001. The court heard that the relationship ended in 2003.