Dating guarded women

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Dating guarded women

We should get over it and go find other women as quickly as possible. All men are created equal but our emotions develop independently from one man to the next.

Eleditor’s note: Elephant is a diverse community of sixteen million readers and hundreds of writers (you can write too! I came across various items like concert and airline tickets, receipts and various sentimental items that I had collected over the past few years from women that I spent time with.

I feel a mixture of jubilation and frustration when I think back on the time I spent with the emotionally unavailable women in my life.

They were, and still are incredible people, but I wanted something more. I wanted the evolution of our connection to evolve in to a meaningful relationship that we both could shout from the mountain tops and express our true feelings about while holding nothing back.

I don’t think of these experiences as wasted time—I wanted to be with these girls. There seems to be a double standard that men can separate sex and emotionalism more than women can.

I wanted our time to evolve in to something more than fun activities and weekend sleep overs. That it is easier for us to have fun, have sex and not develop feelings for women.

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At the end of the day, no matter how deeply we connected, it ended.

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