Classical radio toronto online dating

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Classical radio toronto online dating

'He wouldn't follow a torch, and there was no reaction in his pupils when a beam of light was shone into his eyes.

Standing in that room, it was the first time I heard the consultants say the word "blind".

'But in the next second, the full implication of what the doctor was telling me kicked in. I didn't know how he was ever going to function independently.

Suddenly the future seemed quite terrifying.' But Julie had reckoned without the extraordinary spirit-and courage of a youngster who refused to give in to any disability.

From the start, my parents told me that I couldn't see or hear as well as my classmates, but they insisted that I was no better or worse off than them.

I never once felt sorry for myself because that would just be a waste of time.' Yet despite the problems with his hearing and sight, Julie soon noticed something different about her son.

When we went back to the hospital, I told the doctors that I was convinced he had some limited vision.

I had tried calling Lloyd from behind the door, and he didn't turn to greet me.As he learned to talk, he continued to sing with a wonderful, lilting voice.' Lloyd also became fascinated with the piano at school.'One day, when Lloyd was just five years old, he sat down in class and drew a series of lines and large black circles,' says Julie.When Lloyd started at the local primary school and found himself unable to see the blackboard, he simply carried his desk to the front of the class and sat down triumphantly just inches from the board.The school had no experience of a child who was almost blind and deaf,' says Julie, 'and neither did I, but we all decided to just treat Lloyd the same as every other child.

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His teachers wore microphones, which played their voices directly into Lloyd's hearing aids, so that he could follow what they were saying. Lloyd hated sport, and couldn't play football with the other boys because he couldn't see the ball.